Blog Rules

No BS here guys, as I have said before I am an old gamer, I have been playing various online games and I know how horrible the gaming community can become if you start trash talking and if you won't have any sort of rules and controls.

This is exactly why I have added some simple rules to my blog, the main idea is to improve the overall experience for users while they are on my blog and to keep everyone happy and friendly. Read rules, follow them and we can be friends.

- No swearing, don't disrespect other people and be polite
- No cheating on our blog, if I will find out that you are cheating you will get an instant ban
- No racism on my blog, I hate to remind you guys, but there are still ugly racist people in the 21st century
- No bug exploit, if you will find some game bug let me know
- No content stealing, a lot of users dedicate their free time to write various articles and I wont allow you steal their content
- If you want to add your guides to the blog make sure that it grammatically correct
- Sharing other blogs or promoting them is not allowed
- You can get daily rewards only of you login in your account every day, otherwise don't ask for gifts

Well, I guess that is all for now, keep in mind that I may update this list from time to time, so make sure that you check rules occasionally. Stay positive and stay cool, enjoy your time and have fun!

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