FAQ Page

 Who are you?  I am Brian, I am a gamer and self-employed web designer
 What is this blog all about?  It is about my favorite online games, about my handwritten articles and other cool stuff
 Why did you decide to build this blog?  To share my gaming experience with other people, who knows maybe I will find friends as well...
 Are you looking for team members?  Well, I need more people to expand my blog, if you are interested PM me.
 Do you have rules on this blog?  I do have rules, please check the top menu, all rules are listed there.
 Where can I learn more about Brian?  Check About page, I have all the details about me and about this blog there.
 Do you play Dota 2?  This is my favorite game, I have started playing this game when it was a small map in Warcraft III.
 Your favorite games?  World of Warcraft, Dota, Call of Duty series. I also play flash games often, Run 3 for example.
 How much time did it take you to build this blog?  Three months of dedicated work, it was actually fun and I don't regret wasting my time on it at all.
 Is community friendly here?  Well I monitor chat and behavior of my users and we have some rules, so yeah, the community is fine.


Briant here, hope you enjoyed my FAQ page, I understand that your specific question might not be listed here and that is okay, you can send your specific questions directly to me via the contact form and I will get in touch ASAP. Cheers, looking forward to your E-mails.
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