About Us

Welcome abroad ladies and gentle and let's begin our journey in a wonderful land of gaming. The funny intro isn't it? Jokes aside, let's talk about my blog and what is it all about.

First of all my name is Brian, I am gamer, I have been playing various online games for a while now and I have a little bit of experience in this subject. A couple of months ago my friend suggested me to build a blog where I could share my experience in the form of guides. He was like: "Brian, you are playing your whole life, you are pretty much hardcore gamer, don't you want to share your experience with the world?" and I was like sure why not.

This is exactly why I have decided to come up with this blog, I have decided to build it, I have decided to add my favorite online games here and talk about them. In order to simplify some games for my users I have decided to write various guides and also include videos from YouTube. I believe so far so good my progress is pretty decent, don't forget that there is no huge company behind this site, there is only one person.

From time to time I plan to expand my blog, I plan to add more games, write more articles, and do other cool stuff. You know it always enjoyable when you have some aim, when you know your path and when you know where you are going, otherwise, you get depressed pretty fast and that is bad, negativity is killer of all hope and in order to avoid it you must get rid off of too much free time.

With that being said, now you know who I am and what this blog is all about, I hope my short story was not that boring and I really hope that you will find my blog useful and helpful, cheers guys and have fun.

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